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Deliver faster and easier, select and change of cloud in a few clicks and focus on your business value.

Write modules, we run them.

Cloud choice

ScaleDynamics is the only provider that lets you run on any cloud in a few clicks. Select the best cloud configuration or infrastructure provider for your module: performance, provider, latency, location, security or price.

To simplify cloud coding to the maximum, we redefined the way JavaScript developers develop: just code JavaScript modules like you do today, we run them as-a-service transparently for you.

Run modules, not servers or functions

ScaleDynamics automates infrastructure provisioning, setup, deployment to run your modules so your teams can focus on what matters.

Managed for operational efficiency

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And when you need to modify your resources — whether it’s to scale out or perform an upgrade — ScaleDynamics lets you do so in a few clicks with no downtime window required.

Change anytime

We offer native tools to ease each step of a project setup: code in live reload, deployment and run of your modules from your laptop. Install our SDK and you're ready.

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Developer first

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More that computing, we also provide a hosting platform for your static assets. With our testing domains, create URL to test or demos, and assign your custom domains when you need.

Complementary hosting

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ScaleDynamics is a developer first computing platform, with advanced IT automation and a cloud marketplace.

Key benefits

Continuous scaling

Develop 10x faster

Change cloud ressources on the fly

By using our free SDK, you avoid coding traditional HTTP-layers. With our project templates, start developing at light speed in a preconfigured development environment ready- to-deploy in one command line.

ScaleDynamics automatically scales your application by running your modules in response to each call. Your modules run in parallel and processes each call individually, scaling precisely with the size of the workload according to the size of allocated cloud resources fix or unlimited.

With ScaleDynamics, you can optimize your module execution time by changing on the fly the cloud resource to use. From a low performance to a high one, from a fixed size resource to unlimited scaling, you decide at any time.

Pay as you want, control your cost

With ScaleDynamics, choice according to your needs a fixed plan per month, or a pay as you go plan. Discover a serverless platform with cost control.

ScaleDynamics automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage infrastructure.

Just write modules and deploy them.

No server management

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Build your own cloud

We can tune our platform to use any kind of cloud resources from a specific cloud provider. Select cloud according to the right GPU/ processor/ memory/ bandwidth, or legal requirements. We also support any on-premise or private cloud resources.

Full Stack development with zero learning curve

Our platform has been designed for JavaScript Full Stack developers. Use the same language for your frontend, backend & microservices. Share code styles between all developers. Become a full stack in a snap, no cloud knowledge required, just JavaScript.

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JavaScript developer first

Everything you need to code modules, deploy and run

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Innovative way to code modules

Project templates

Online Full Stack Playground

Live reload development

CLI for deployment or CI/CD

Log access

Organization, users, projects, rights

Call your modules directly from any web or mobile app, microservices, other servers or IoT systems.

Build any kind of systems. Full Stack frontend/backend, SaaS systems, Compute microservices, proxies, BFF, ...

Use cases

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The first true Full Stack for JavaScript

Working with modern stack frameworks

Deploying to production as much as they want

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Creating MVPs quicker and iterate on the market faster

Focus on your product and not on cloud skills

Control cost and scale on needs

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Reducing development & run

Get state of the art cloud technology in-house

Maximum cloud agility

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ScaleDynamics is a developer first computing platform, with advanced IT automation and a cloud marketplace.