A new way to develop cloud code with minimum JavaScript coding.
No-ops with transparent cloud deployment and management on any server.

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The first less-code
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A game changer for cloud development

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Introducing the first less-code platform

Less-code is a new way to develop cloud code with minimum coding. With ScaleDynamics, developers can stop creating HTTP servers or functions. They can just code Node.js modules, saving a huge amount of time.

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  • go to market faster
  • create your MVPs quicker with limited resources
  • accelerate innovation


  • meet strategic growth goals
  • reduce costs development & run
  • move to cost-effective cloud
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From code to business impact


  • becoming a JavaScript Full Stack in a snap
  • working with a modern stack
  • deploying to production as much as they want
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  • stabilize your digital business
  • deliver more features
  • build your product team quicker
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Discover our tools

We created unique tools to develop, build & manage the cloud you need

Production-project grade SDK

Develop with live reload and deploy

Install our production grade SDK and use our CLIs to develop and deploy from small to large projects, directly from a laptop, with a unique development experience.

Use our CLIs for your CI/CD as you need.

First online JavaScript Full Stack playground

Share, learn, discover, test

Code in directly from the browser both front-end and Node.js back-end snippets, running the preview in real time.

Create your managed cloud environments

In one command line, provision a physical or virtual server in a cloud environment and start deploying on it transparently.

Dynamic server provisioning

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Mobile-first console

Manage your users, projects and releases

Invite users in your organisation, set rights, create projects, rollback releases, access notifications, get usage metrics.

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> See features in detail
> See features in detail

Physical or virtual servers

Virtual machines



Microsoft Azure


OVH Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

Alibaba Cloud

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Our FREE community plan provides you all you need to become a Full Stack, learn, share and discover new things.



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Our JavaScript teams can now develop full features about twice as fast and can push it to production.

JONATHAN D. | VP ENGINEERING - Leading eCommerce

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47% of executives believe their organization is not moving to the cloud on schedule.

MIT | Technology Review Insights, 2020




ScaleDynamics less-code JavaScript platform offers a new way to develop cloud code with minimum coding, transparent cloud deployment and management on any server.