Using our flagship technology, we are redefining the way to code, choose and run on the perfect Cloud.

The Next-Generation Cloud Computing Platform

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Browse, find and choose the best computing resource you need

First multi-cloud store

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Improve the developer experience with tools for design, developing, testing, monitoring and more

Tools that simplify software development

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Advanced IT automation to deploy, run and manage your services. Multi-cloud by design.

Transparent and advanced management

First Multi-cloud

Select from a large choice of public cloud computing resource configurations covering all geographic regions of the globe (400+), the perfect cloud to run your service (sort by CPU, performance, country, cost, latency...) and activate in one-click from a single ScaleDynamics account

Explore our cloud store

Advanced cloud IT automation

Our cloud IT automation provides a unified and ultra-efficient way to use and manage the cloud computing resources from our store: provisioning in one click, setup, deployment, logs remote access, analytics and more... Discover a new cloud world

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Develop Modules, we Run them

Code pure Node.js modules, and we run them as-a-service. No dockers or functions. Use traditional HTTP to access your modules or use direct function call for a maximum coding simplicity and an ultimate JavaScript experience.

Our native tools ease each step of your project. Setting up with the template builder, testing on the Playground, coding in live-reload with the SDK, deploying and managing your modules right from your laptop, CI/CD with the CLI.

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Key benefits

Remove cloud lock-in forever

Code without cloud learning curve

In general, it takes up to 2-3 months to be able to develop/deploy and run on the cloud. Thanks to our tools, if you know how to code a Node.js module, you're ready to go right now.We have automated cloud management for you, our technology does the heavy lifting.

Adapt your cloud plan instantly and at any time, need more processing as you scale-up?, want to improve performance?, have regional demand (at the edge)?, cost constraints?, security requirements?

Choose in one-click from our cloud computing store the perfect cloud for your service needs. Provision, setup and run transparently. Need to change? Migrate instantly, when you want.

Achieve cloud freedom

Develop faster than ever on the cloud

We offer IT automation tools for coding, testing, sharing including live reloads. With our ready-made project templates, start developing in seconds. Use our command line interface (CLI) for your continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) or deploy right from your laptop with our CLI. Our automation technology is at work for you.

Call your modules directly from any of your web or mobile apps, microservices, other servers or IoT systems. Use HTTP or NodeJS module function calls.

Easily build more microservices, Full Stack frontend/backends, Web apps, SaaS systems, compute microservices, proxies, BFFs and more...

Bring cloud agility to microservices, for the first time, use exactly the right cloud for each microservice

Choose on which cloud configuration you wish to run each module independently. Run your overall micro-service stack on the perfect cloud configuration. And change anytime.

Developers love...

Running Modules-as-a-Service

Automatized provisioning, deployment, and run

Cloud choice and freedom anytime

Start developing
Accelerate now
Evaluate now

Global cloud resources available in one place

Creating MVPs quicker and iterating for the market faster

Controlling costs and scaling-up when needed

Startups love...

Getting state-of-the-art cloud technology in-house

Achieving maximum cloud agility, service by service

Focusing on business logic & accelerating app runs

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ScaleDynamics is a next generation cloud computing platform, offering a cloud computing store and IT automation that handles all the complexity of your cloud management, with maximum choice, simplicity and agility.