Did you know that each cloud/region has its own carbon footprint? Discover on our map the carbon scores of the different clouds/regions.

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Reduce your cloud carbon footprint

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Our platform provides a real-time, hourly estimate of the CO2-eq emissions of all the cloud resources we support (AWS, GCP, Azure, OVH, on-premise…).

In order to obtain an accurate estimation, as well as being based on the characteristics of each resource, provider and region, this is the only estimation that takes into account the actual load and the volumes of data exchanged per hour.

Use the carbon score map to make decisions about your cloud resource allocation.

A carbon scorecard

A real-time estimation of your carbon emission

Reduce in a concrete way at every moment

With the ScaleDynamics platform, avoid over-allocation of resources and move towards more adapted providers and regions in order to reduce your carbon footprint in a concrete way and carry out your CSR action plans.

With us, become eco-responsible for your public cloud and on-premise IT resources

Scores displayed are only related to the carbon factors of the electricity production in the different regions of availability. These factors, in grams of CO2 equivalent per kWH put on a scale of A to F, come either from values ​​published by the infrastructure provider (GCP), or, where applicable (AWS, Azure), by environmental regional protection agencies or public data.
A : less than150 gCO2eq /kWh
B : from 150 to 300
C : from 300 to 450
D : from 450 to 600
E : from 600 to 750
F : greater than 750

We estimate two types of carbon footprint associated with the execution of one or more services/containers: the operational footprint (induced by the electrical consumption of resources° and the embodied footprint (i.e. the contribution to the carbon emitted during the manufacture of the equipment). The operational footprint is calculated dynamically and with fine software and temporal granularity. It takes into account the type of CPU(s) / GPU(s) of the server, its processor(s) load, its RAM, the quantity of data stored and the type of storage, the volume of data exchanged by the network, the PUE of the infrastructure as well as the carbon factor of the electricity production in the region of availability. The embodied footprint is calculated according to the type of server, according to the rate of resources (CPUs or vCPUs) allocated to the application compared to the potential of the server, as well as according to their allocation time compared to the operational lifetime equipment.

Our calculation bases on an application running five containers and several instances. Using our estimator, we have estimated the consumption of this application on the different cloud providers/regions, therefore, we can estimate the reduction accurately.

Yes, we can model your on-premise resources and deliver the real-time carbon footprint of your containers. Contact us for more information.

The carbon estimation is included in all the paid resources of our platform, There is no additional subscription.

Yes, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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