Build digital experiences without compromise at light speed.

We created a set of tools, provided through our SaaS, that provides developers new power to develop and manage the cloud like never before: quicker, better, and easier.

We designed the simplest way to develop on the cloud for JavaScript developers.

GILBERT C. | CEO - ScaleDynamics

Code a Node.js HTTP server

Use an HTTP call

Simply code a Node.js module

Code a JavaScript call

With our tools


A unique way to develop





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From code snippets to production grade in large projects, we provide the tools to develop at light speed at every stage.

Discover our tools

For code snippets

> Discover playground features

We designed the first JavaScript Full Stack code playground that allows to code in directly from the browser both front-end and back-end snippets, running the preview in real time.

  • Learning back-end and building Full Stack team faster than ever
  • Sharing work amongst the community
  • Creating private snippets database to speed up development
  • Testing code without installing anything
  • Prototyping ideas faster
  • Importing snippets into production projects
  • Running previews on private cloud or on premise
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Discover our tools

For production grade projects

> Discover SDK features

Our project SDK provides everything to develop and deploy from small to large projects, directly from a laptop, with a unique development experience and at light speed.

Free developer plan
  • JavaScript and TypeScript support
  • Compatible with any Bundler, or frameworks (React, Angular, Vue, ...)
  • Cloud emulation on your laptop with integrated full live-reload
  • Remote emulation for mobile development or to access private remote ressources
  • CLI to build your CI/CD workflow
  • Available on npm for Windows/Mac/Linux
Our JavaScript teams can now develop full features about twice as fast and can deploy them to production themselves.

JONATHAN D. | VP ENGINEERING - Leading e-commerce

Deploy, run and manage web apps or services on any cloud

> Discover our SaaS features

Our SaaS provides the development team everything needed to go to any cloud (or on-premise), transparently with zero DevOps skills or infrastructure knowledge.

  • Deploy static and dynamic assets
  • Manage customized domains DNS
  • Compatible with bare servers, virtual machines, on-premise servers, Google Cloud functions...
  • Deploy on ScaleDynamics' mutualized cloud
  • Create the right environment for projects: development, testing, staging, pre-production...
  • And many more...



I do not have DevOps skills, but I wanted to be able to deploy and manage my app on the cloud myself, now I can do it!

GILBERT C. | CEO - ScaleDynamics

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