Think Cloud Differently.

We developed an exclusive technology to write once & run anywhere in the cloud.

It gives you maximum agility for development and cloud, with maximum simplicity.

The first JavaScript virtual cloud platform ever made.

Write once.
Run anywhere in the cloud.

Like a JavaScript virtual machine that abstracts the physical computer used to run code, the platform abstracts the physical cloud servers that runs the services.

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A patented technology powering our platform.

WarpJS is a unique technology that allows you to transform a JavaScript module into a micro-service.

Developers do not need to worry about communication protocols anymore.

To use a warped module the developer imports it and call functions in JavaScript.

Provides a static server that is used to serve public static assets

A standard Node.js module with asynchronous functions and transformed by WarpJS.

Runs as a hosted microservice

Manages the setup and the execution of all the microservices

During a deployment, each warped module runs as a configured microservice

Our platform gives you the possibility to create what you need:

Don't change your cloud habits.
Just simplify them.

  • From a static website to API
  • Micro-services for computing
  • SaaS implementation
  • and so many use cases

Your creativity is the limit.

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Increase security.

Warped modules are stored in a private space than only you can access, allowing you to keep you API keys, or server business logic secret.

By doing the communications layers for developers, you have the warranty that your server security policies or accesses are secure.

You can change tomorrow your security policy on a single point, and WarpJS will use it for all communication layers.

SDK available on macOS, Windows and Linux

$ npm install warp

A unified, simple workflow.
Made for developers.

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We designed our WarpJS SDK to provide developers with unified DX.

Warp module on a laptop using an emulator with hot reload, and deploy them in one command line.

Manage projects and releases, and much more!

Our platform can target any kind of cloud or on-premise environments. By using Docker, Kubernetes and FaaS provisioning systems, you get the maximum flexibility to get the right scalability, availability or performance you need.

We provide ready-to-use configurations for several cloud providers: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OVH...

We can easily add new configurations or adapt to your need.


Any kind of servers.

You define & scale the cloud environment you need.

Mono-cloud or multi-cloud,
you choose.

By assigning each warped module to a cloud execution configuration, you can use one cloud or several clouds for your need.

Get one warped module on AWS to access database, another one on GCP for AI computations, use Azure for others...

You choose the best for you.

No cloud lock-in.

At each deployment, you select the cloud environment you want to execute your warped modules.

You can change at any time from one cloud environment to another to suit the best requirements for your application.

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Manage everything from your mobile.

Our mobile first platform console enables you to flexibly manage organizations, users, rights, role accounts credentials, projects, cloud environments..., providing you with the maximum control.

Rollback a release during the weekend at home, or assign users to projects in front of a coffee machine. That's maximum agility.


Install our WarpJS SDK, open an account and you're ready to go

Time to see the platform.


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