Fire up a live Node.js standard server on the cloud of your choice with instant cloud provisioning and automated deployment. Move whenever you need.

Deploy your Node.js servers without DevOps.


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ScaleDynamics console
ScaleDynamics console
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Multi cloud by design

Whether you already do multi-cloud or not, the platform facilitates it. Deploy to the cloud you want, manage everything from the console transparently and easily.

Migrate whevener you want, instantly, in one click.

With our platform, set-up and deploy your Node.js server in one command line. The platform manages it all.

Node.js in production in minutes

Fully managed

The platform manages completely your public cloud resources, from migration, configuration, optimization, security, to maintenance.

We also offer rich analytics.

No learning curve

ScaleDynamics platform makes app development and deployment simpler and faster. No server management, no complex configuration whatsoever. Choose the cloud you want to run, deploy, and voilà!


Dynamic migration and scalability

Developers are able to migrate dynamically from one cloud resource to another without any traffic interruption and without redeploying. They can also change resource or provider anytime


With our platform, set-up and deploy your module in one command line. In the deployment stage, ScaleDynamics platform manages the setup of the endpoints, the creation of HTTPS certificates, docker builds, deployment and activation on the cloud resource. We do all this for you so you can stay focused on what you do best: developing features for your clients.

Automated and instant deployment

Instant cloud provisioning

From the ScaleDynamics cloud configurator in the console, you can select in few clicks the cloud resource to use for your static hosting service. Select your region, provider and performance, our platform manages the dynamic provisioning of the resource transparently.

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Execution logs access

To get your execution logs, use our CLI to access all the logs of the module on the cloud resource, the logs are sent immediately. You can also do a live refresh log update to monitor the execution dynamically.

Providing an API (HTTP, REST)

Running a backend of a frontend

Running a Microservice of a SaaS

Running a database/API proxy

Doing Server side rendering

Doing remote batch processing

Doing web hooks

And more...

100% applicable for all Node.js server use cases today:

100% fully compatible with all Node.js servers/apps

With ScaleDynamic’s platform, call and use your existing Node.js server to do everything you can do with Node.js

Nuxt.js Next.js
Node.js Express


KOA Strapi.js graph QL

Build powerful web applications with ScaleDynamics

No vendor lock-in

Production grade

Reliable, robust, production grade solution to provision and deploy apps, microservices etc. Our clients no longer hesitate to go into production, they simply and rapidly do it.

You can freely move processing between clouds or create multi-cloud environments.

Change your cloud plan or provider instantly at any time.

Focus on development

Developers can do what they do best: create applications and microservices. We do what we do best: manage cloud processing infrastructure.

99.99% uptime SLA

We are committed to keeping your services online. If there’s ever an issue, we’ll be there to fix it.

Scaledynamics provides everything I need to deploy and manage my cloud applications with an easy to use experience and interface.

Ease of use, easy cloud migration, a wide choice of cloud products!

It simplified our software development process. With ScaleDynamics we get complete cloud freedom for our services. Migration process is simple and instant.




Capterra 4.5 stars
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Migrate your Node.js servers or Docker in one click. We’ll handle the migration instantly.

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