Provision your cloud instances
Deploy and manage your containers
Monitor your cloud activities with metrics

The Platform

Provision, deploy, monitor your cloud instances Deploy to a large catalog of cloud provider Metric on your CPUs Manage your cloud resources from a single console - containers as a service ScaleDynamics console - conteneurs as a service
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Benefits of ScaleDynamics

ScaleDynamics' Containers-as-a-Service solution saves you an enormous amount of operational time, so you can focus on what matters - your applications that bring value to your business.

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Remove your DevOps Infrastructure workload

Reduce time spent on cloud providers

The platform does not require any expertise related to suppliers.

Your team can immediately deploy to production in the cloud.

You stay ahead of your competitors and optimize your time to market.

Accelerate your time to market

By choosing resources that consume less CO2.

Control and reduce carbon footprint

Save money by choosing the most appropriate resources at the right time.

Reduce your cloud

Our features
We are the only solution on the market that offers managed containers for
mono-cloud, on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.
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Cloud resource management

Login to CSP account

Large resource catalog

CPU, GPU and BareMetal resources

Dynamic resource allocation and deallocation

Designed for AI/Machine Learning


Build and deploy in CLI

Deploy from a registry of containers

Public/private communication over VPN between containers

Moving container workload between resources

URL management (random + custom domain), HTTPS certificates

Access to logs

Containers management


Real-time metrics for instances and containers


Energy and CO2 emissions estimation

How to use ScaleDynamics ?

1. Create your ScaleDynamics account

2. Connect your CSP account

3. Use our CaaS solution on your CSP

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Use our CaaS solution to manage your cloud computing activities with ease

See our documentation for instructions.

With ScaleDynamics, the cloud is boundless


Implement, manage and monitor your hybrid infrastructure

On-premise Resource

Connect your on-premise resources and benefit from our managed services

Public Multi-cloud Management

Manage multiple public cloud providers from a single console

Public Mono-cloud Management

Manage a public cloud provider from a single console

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Scaledynamics provides everything I need to deploy and manage my cloud applications with an easy to use interface.

Ease of use, easy migration to the cloud, wide choice of cloud resources!

The platform has simplified our development process. We have complete freedom in cloud computing. The migration process is simple and instantaneous.




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