Run and manage your containerized web applications simply on the cloud resources of your choice. Monitor and optimize the performance, costs and carbon footprint of your microservices and cloud activities.

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The new version of the ScaleDynamics solution allows you to reduce your cloud bill by 50%.


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SOLUTION | On-premise

ScaleDynamics allows you to manage and monitor your containerized applications and your on-premise cloud computing from a single console.

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ScaleDynamics | La solution pour votre on-premise

The ScaleDynamics CaaS solution allows you to save a massive amount of operational time, allowing you to focus on what matters – your applications that bring value to your business.

Control and reduce the carbon footprint of your cloud activities by choosing less carbon-intensive resources.

Save money by choosing the most appropriate resources at the right time.

Reduce your cloud training costs, as the platform requires no infrastructure knowledge.

Remove the heavy workload from your DevOps, your team can immediately deploy to production on the cloud.

What would be your R.O.I. ?

Accelerate your time to market. You stay ahead of your competitors and get more market opportunities.

With ScaleDynamics, manage and monitor your containers with maximum simplicity

Connect your on-premise resources, public or private clouds and access all the features.

Provision cloud resources instantly, choose from OVH, AWS, Azure, GCP.

Deploy your containerized applications freely and easily in minutes.

Visualize your cloud performance via metrics so you can react better and faster.

Migrate instantly your containerized application to another resource with a few clicks.

Increase and decrease your computing capacity at any time.

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With ScaleDynamics, the cloud is boundless

The only solution on the market that offers managed containers for on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

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Managed public, multi-cloud

Managed on-premise

Managed hybrid cloud

ScaleDynamics | Solution | Hybrid cloud ScaleDynamics | Solution | On-premise ScaleDynamics | Solution | Multi-cloud
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Manage one or more public cloud providers from a single console

Connect your on-premise resources and benefit from our management services

Implement, manage and monitor your hybrid infrastructure

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Static assets

Host static assets on the geographical areas you want to be closer to your customers.

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Node.js React Ember Vue.js Angular Next.js

Launch a standard Node.js server, applicable to all uses of Node.js

Node.js servers

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Node.js modules

Node.js JavaScript

Discover a way to create functional Node.js containers without HTTP

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Deploy highly scalable containerized applications for your use cases

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HTTP Dockers

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Scaledynamics provides everything I need to deploy and manage my cloud applications with an easy to use experience and interface.

Ease of use, easy cloud migration, a wide choice of cloud products!

It simplified our software development process. With ScaleDynamics we get complete cloud freedom for our services. Migration process is simple and instant.




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