The only place to build, test and discover Full Stack coding

The first playground that allows coding directly in the browser for both front-end JavaScript and back-end Node.js. See the results in real time.

Full Stack developers can show their work, build test cases, learn and find inspiration. Teams can build their snippet database and share knowledge or best practices.

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Good work, feels more familiar, and I don't have to learn how to use another online tool.

Playground user | Reddit

Prototype and test

Try and fail with your code, for both front and back ends. Test an isolated piece of your project code. Prototype new ideas quickly without installing anything.

Share your work

Whether you want to brag with your last piece of code, or show a prototype to your boss, just share your snippet with the editor or deploy on a custom domain to make it live to the world.

By default, all snippets are public. Access to the core code: MongoDB queries, proxy, authentication, REST APIs... Explore all the backend possibilities and discover new things.

Learn, discover, or become a Full Stack

Designed for the Full Stack community

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Improve productivity

Without any installation developers can test, try and run an isolated piece of code before using it in a production project.

Share your Cie knowledge

Build company snippet database that only team developers can access. Build snippets on your own cloud service cases you use in your production projects.

Reduce the learning curve of your JavaScript developer close to zero. Turn front end to Full Stack. Evaluate developers when hiring.

Build your team fast

A complementary tool for every developer team

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Really functional and helpful. Also ran some tests and was compiling correctly.

Playground user | Reddit

A Full Stack playground made for testing & sharing

  • Edition of the frontend HTML, CSS and JavaScript files
  • Edition of a Node.js module with npm module dependencies
  • Create and tag your own snippets
  • Edition of a Readme markdown file to describe snippet details
  • Change editor layout as you want



  • Instant run of the Node.js module on ScaleDynamics cloud
  • Preview of the Frontend and Backend in real-time
  • Access to Frontend and Node.js backend console logs
  • Instant run of the Node.js module on your own cloud or on-premise


  • Deploy on ScaleDynamics cloud and make it live
  • Custom domain with CNAME
  • Deploy on your own cloud or on-premise

Snippet management

  • Create new snippet, Save, Fork or Delete a snippet
  • Access Snippet list with basic search
  • Share the snippet or search options using the URL
  • Create public or private snippets
  • Share snippets with several users or team