Cloud management and IT automation features

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All ScaleDynamics’ features are easily available through simple clicks

1-Click Deployment

With our platform, set-up and deploy your module in one command line.

At the deployment stage, the ScaleDynamics platform manages the setup of the endpoint, the creation of HTTPS certificates and the docker build.

Nothing to take care of on your side, our automation technology does the job.

Instant Cloud Provisioning

From the ScaleDynamics cloud store or from the console, you can provision a cloud resource to run your module instantly.

Choose the scope of the provisioning: per environment (dedicated to run only the environment) or per organization (used to run all environments of the organization which don't have a dedicated resource).

Click to Load Balance

ScaleDynamics’ load balancing feature share requests execution using all the available virtual CPUs of the cloud resource (shared processing) you have selected.

To support more traffic, just select a new resource from the store with more VPCUs, the change is immediate.

If your traffic decreases, just select the right resource with less VCPUs, billing is also updated right away.

Transparent Automatic Retry

If one of your HTTPS requests fails, we initiate an automatic retry according to the cloud resource type you have chosen (provider, network...), taking care of the number of retries and the timeout for you.

Rapid Log Access

To get the execution logs, use our CLI to access all the logs of the module on the cloud resource, the logs are sent immediately.

You can also do a live refresh log update to monitor the execution dynamically.

Complementary Static Hosting

At no additional cost, we include in all our offers a basic hosting of static assets.

Create unlimited URLs on ScaleDynamics test domains, or connect your own custom domains (i.e. HTTPS certificates are managed automatically.

Day One Cloud Access

From day one, get access to ScaleDynamics’ computing resources and run your dev code on our best effort cloud.

It is perfectly adapted to early development needs, no cost, no warranty, and limited processing.

Rollback in one click

Roolback to a previous deployment in one click on the console

Coming soon

Call modules directly from web or mobile apps, microservices, other servers and IoT systems thanks to our unique IT automation technology. Use HTTP or Node.js module function calls.

Easily build more and more through microservices, for Full Stack frontend/backends, Web apps, SaaS systems, Compute microservices, Proxies, BFF and more…

Maximum Agility Microservices

Choose which cloud configuration to run each module on independently, run your overall microservice stack on the perfect cloud configuration and change anytime instantly.

Analytics & Statistics

Get all the module usage statistics you need to analyse your activity, including server response times and user response times.

Coming soon

Hot migration

Change de ressource cloud sans interruption

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ScaleDynamics is a next generation cloud computing platform, offering a cloud computing store and IT automation that handles all the complexity of your cloud management, with maximum choice, simplicity and agility.