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Benefit from a complete managed container solution that is 100% compatible with IONOS :
Create your IONOS infrastructure in a few clicks
Deploy and run your containerized applications simply
Observe the activity of your containers and instances

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1. Create your ScaleDynamics account

2. Connect or create your IONOS account

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Use ScaleDynamics CaaS to manage your cloud computing on IONOS with ease


Launch an instance in just seconds and pay only for what you use with highly flexible billing. All instances are fully dedicated and scalable on demand.

Why use ScaleDynamics on IONOS?

Set up your own cloud instances easily

Run your services in one of IONOS' secure data centers in Europe, whose ISO 27001 certification guarantees the highest standards of reliability and security.

Secured cloud instances

Control your expenses, even for complex, growing projects, with fully transparent pricing and ongoing metrics.

Total cost control

Europe Map

Europe, Germany, Frankfurt:

2-4 vCPUs
2-16 GiB RAM
15-25 GB Disk

Europe, France,

2-4 vCPUs
2-16 GiB RAM
15-25 GB Disk

Europe, United Kingdom, London:

2-4 vCPUs
2-16 GiB RAM
15-25 GB Disk

Europe, Germany, Berlin:

2-4 vCPUs
2-16 GiB RAM
15-25 GB Disk

Manage your IONOS resources effortlessly

Connect your IONOS account in a few steps and access all the features.

Create and provision your IONOS infrastructure instantly.

Deploy your containers in one command line in seconds.

Instantly move your containers freely in a few clicks.

Visualize your cloud performance via metrics, so you can act better and faster.

Increase and decrease your computing capacity at any time.

Rapid connection

Build your infrastructure

Deploy and execute

Advanced metrics

Dynamic move


Discover all our features

By choosing resources that consume less CO2.

Save money by choosing the most appropriate resources at the right time.

You are ready to start right away.

Your team can immediately deploy to production in the cloud.

Discover your benefits

You stay ahead of your competitors and optimize your time to market.


The benefits of ScaleDynamics on IONOS

Remove your DevOps Infrastructure workload

Access to IONOS without learning curve

Accelerate your time to market

Control and reduce the carbon footprint of your cloud activities

Reduce your cloud costs

Get ScaleDynamics on IONOS infrastructure
at no extra cost !

Thanks to the partnership between ScaleDynamics and IONOS,

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