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Our fully managed Node.js modules service includes all the tools needed to code, prototype, deploy and manage the cloud more efficiently than ever before.

Deploy and run your Node.js modules

Code pure Node.js modules, and we run them as-a-service. No dockers or functions.

Use traditional HTTP to access your modules or use direct function call for a maximum JavaScript experience.

One CLI to develop, test and deploy

Install our SDK, available on npm to access the CLI. Develop in live-reload, deploy from your laptop, build your CI/CD workflow.

Our SDK is available on Windows/Mac/Linux.

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Manage users, projects, environments

Select cloud resources from a huge selection based on geography, performance...

Access analytics

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To test and share front & backend code snippets

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Template builder

To create project templates, pre-configured and ready to use

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Two Innovative ways to code modules

Template builder

Online Full Stack Playground

SDK - Live reload development

SDK - CLI for deployment or CI/CD

Log access

Organization, users, projects, rights

A JavaScript developer-first platform

Code for cloud without learning curve

In general, it takes up to 2-3 months to be able to develop/deploy and run on the cloud. Thanks to our tools, if you know how to code a Node.js module, you're ready to go.

We don't charge for all development tools, so you can develop your modules without constraints. Only pay when you use cloud resources to deploy or to run.

Develop for free,

pay to deploy

Develop faster than ever!

We offer free tools for sharing, testing and coding in live reload. With our templates, start developing in seconds. Use our CLI for your CI/CD or to deploy right from your laptop in one command line.

We offer native tools to ease each step of our Managed Node.js module project setup: code in live reload, deployment and run of your modules from your laptop. Install our SDK and you're ready.

Deploy your Node.js module in 2 minutes

Get access to all our development tools and shared cloud resources for free, forever, no strings attached

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ScaleDynamics provides a managed multi-cloud Node.js cloud computing platform providing instant provisioning of cloud resources, with transparent deployment and complete analytics.