Discover a new kind of developer experience where simplicity is the keyword.

Our fully managed multi-cloud computing service includes all the tools needed to code, prototype, deploy and manage the cloud more efficiently than ever before.

One CLI to develop, test and deploy

Install our SDK, available on npm to access the CLI. Develop in live-reload, deploy from your laptop, build your CI/CD workflow.

Our SDK is available on Windows/Mac/Linux.

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One console to manage your configuration

From our console, select cloud resources from a huge selection based on geography, performance...

Manage users, projects, environments from a single dashboard.

Access to complete analytics.

Start with our ready-to-use templates

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To test and share front & backend code snippets

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SDK - Live reload development

SDK - CLI for deployment or CI/CD

Resource selection

Specific services for specific needs





Static Asset Hosting

Host static assets accessible by URLs on the cloud of your choice. Deploy them onto geographical regions to be closer to your customers.

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Fire up a live Node.js standard server on the cloud of your choice with instant cloud provisioning & automated deployment.

Managed Node.js server

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Managed Node.js module

Simplest way to go to the cloud for developers. Make live a Node.js server only called from a JavaScript client, without HTTP — yes, you read it right!

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Develop and deploy highly scalable containerized applications on a fully managed multi cloud platform. No more infrastructure management.

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Managed HTTP Docker

Deploy in 2 minutes

Get access to all our development tools and shared cloud resources for free, forever, no strings attached