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The developer plan provides FREE access to our JavaScript platform.

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The Developer plan is the perfect way to discover and share the amazing things you can do by integrating front-end and back-end at the same place (APIs, databases...)

It's also a way to learn how our tools work & enjoy the amazing developer experience thanks to HTTP-less and no-ops.

It comes with the ScaleDynamics Cloud, a mutualized and best effort cloud.

A Developer plan just for you.

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The Full Stack JavaScript Playground

Create/Fork and share public Full Stack snippets to the community using the Full Stack JavaScript playground.

Learn and become a Full Stack or improve your skills

Contribute with public MIT snippets and share to your community

Find inspiration by exploring the public snippet database and discover new things

The SDK for project

Learn how to use our SDK and apply it to your projects

Deploy it on our mutualized community cloud, get an url and share your work

Enjoy the full stack developer experience with hot-reload and server emulation

Install our SDK, develop a personal project, deploy it and show it to the world.


For one user only

Non-commercial use

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Full Stack Playground Editor to prototype & build snippets

Public/ MIT snippets | 20 private draft snippets | Run 30" preview on ScaleDynamics Community Cloud

SDK production-ready for projects

Frontend hosting | 1 backend module hosting / project | 1 local cloud emulator / user

Live reload session | 1 project | 1 frontend & 1 backend / environment

100 deploys/month | 1MB max project storage | Deployment on ScaleDynamics cloud

ScaleDynamics Community Cloud: 1 best effort vCPU, 1GB/month max

What is included in the Developer plan?

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(free, no credit card required)




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